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Hi & welcome!

My name is Tinna Rún Svansdóttir, an Icelandic mom of one very busy toddler born 2018! I have lived in the UK, Hampshire for 6 years now and I am so excited to get the opportunity to help women in this phase in our lives.

I am a qualified personal trainer since 2014 from Keilir Academy. I am also a qualified Myofascial-Release instructor and have now specialised in supporting Pre- and Postnatal clients with exercise and nutrition from Premier Global NASM. 

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For those who know me well, know that I can never stay still for a long period of time and have most of my life put a great deal into exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I had my son via emergency c-section in 2018 which I was really not prepared for and as a result - I experienced my self lost and insecure regarding exercise. I could not wait to be back in the gym with bells and whistles! However,  that anticipation took a quick turn when I realised that the recovery was going to be a lot longer and tougher than I had imagined. Without even taking in to consideration the lack of sleep that I was going to experience, which puts a lot of strain on the mental and physical wellbeing, that is something I learned later on.



What I wish I had experienced at this stage was the security and confidence in regards to exercise. To know how to ease back in to exercise and the safest way to do so. Plus! All these changes that are going on in our bodies and why they are happening.

I noticed that more and more women were lost and unsure about exercise during pregnancy and after birth. As a result, I found out that they either stopped exercising whilst pregnant, or started too quickly after birth which sometimes resulted in giving up after a while or hitting a wall. 



I am eager to help more women to start feeling confident in their pregnant bodies and knowing more about the changes that are happening at this special time in our lives. I wish for women to start looking at exercise during pregnancy as a necessity rather than being scared of it. A healthy pregnancy will support the mental and wellbeing of mother and baby and last but not least, I want women to learn that exercise after birth is essentially your 4th trimester, and we simply can-not pick up where we left off pre-pregnancy. 


Starting exercise after birth is always accompanied by a little anticipation. I understand, maybe better than most, the need to get moving and getting a good sweat on. We have to take into consideration all the extra strains that are now in our life's, that weren't there before. Lack of sleep, nutrition might no be on point, daily form and your mental state. These are all things - and more - that can affect how our exercise is going to turn out and make us feel after. 

Let's feel confident to continue or start exercise in pregnancy. 

Let's feel secure to start moving again to feel better postpartum. 

Let's make sure we have enough energy left in the tank to tackle the rest of the day!