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Hey, I am Tinna an Icelandic mom of one very busy toddler! 


I am a qualified personal trainer since 2014 and now specialise in supporting Pre- & Postnatal clients with Bespoke Plans & the latest addition "The First 6 & beyond" postpartum Program!

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Start your Postpartum Recovery in a safe and easy way with The First 6 & beyond! postpartum program
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The classes suited me really well, having 2 children and not living in the city I loved being able to do them anytime and that they were only 30  minutes.


Tinna is just great! Sessions are fun, varied, short but effective. She makes sure we do the exercises correctly + I really liked not needing any equipment to make the sessions good! 


The 30 minute sessions suited me really well. I found them a great way to get back on track after birth and to know I was doing the - correct - exercises postpartum. If get pregnant again your training will definitely be high on the list. 


Tinna hugely helped me throughout my pregnancy to feel confident to exercise. The workouts felt safe and made me feel healthy and strong. Her personable approach made me feel relaxed and at ease.


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